Range Officer Guides - please print for your clubs use - Note: These resources are provided by Pistol Australia for the information of, and use by, Pistol Australia affiliated members and range officials, and the organisers of Pistol Australia sanctioned competitions. 




Action Pistol


50m Paper - EST 50m

10m Air - EST 10m Air

25m Standard - EST Standard

25m Precision - EST Precision


25m Rapid Fire - EST 25m Rapid

Mayleigh Cup

Service Pistol & Unrest

Service 25y

Black Powder 50

BP 25 Precision



Action Barricade

Action Mover

Action Plates

Action Practical

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We will be dedicating this page to any officiating/technical news and rule updates. If you have any questions you need answers for please let us know and we will include it in our next stage of Q & A.

ISSF Range Officer Revision Paper
ISSF Revision Paper.pdf

 Please take note - as from 2013 ISSF/PA Nationals - Blinder Reminder.pdf


If after I have nominated for an Open Competition in one grade and then shoot a grade break score, do I have to inform the Organising Secretary so my entry details can be adjusted?

It is a shooter’s responsibility to notify the Competition Organising Secretary, if there has been a change of grade between entering that competition and competing in that competition.


If there appears to be a problem with my score posted on the score board what should I do?


Seek out the Organising Secretary and polity advise them of your concern, there could be a number of reasons for this, allow the Organising Secretary and the score room personal time to look into your query and sort it out to your satisfaction and please don’t forget to thank them.

   Are we having to shoot the new ISSF rules? - UPDATED 1 May 2013
  Yes, just some of them....PSQ will have it posted here once Pistol Australia approves the rules for Australian conditions. PA has not yet approved the new rules as they are looking at local conditions, although PSQ has decided to implement some of the rules as from 1 May 2013.
The rules that have been adopted to date are: the new times for the 10m and 50m events and the range commands for the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol. It was decided at the recent Board meeting that these changes were in the best interest of the competitors as it was felt these portions of the rules will eventually be implemented by PA and this gives our competitors the 'winning edge'.
Plus PSQ encourages members to use the Safety Flag system.
Interim Range Sheets for timings are now available under each match under the ISSF tab (10m Air Pistol and 50m Pistol).
   Do I have to remove watches and bracelets from my shooting arm
   Yes, in ISSF matches - Rule the wrist must be visibly free of support
 For Service Matches and WA1500 you may wear a watch 
   May I use a medical support for an injury i.e. tennis elbow
 Yes, but it must not support the wrist or elbow. If entering an open competition it is courteous to advise the organising secretary, and present it to equipment control for approval.
 May i use occluders and/or irises as eye protection when competing in the Service matches or WA1500
 No. Safety glasses, corrective glasses or sunglasses are deemed to be approved protective eyewear. An iris may be used in addition to approved protective eyewear.