Noel Ryan 


What do you enjoy the most about shooting? It is the challenge to contain your mind focused on the exercise of shooting to the exclusion of all else. At times it seems to be like a dog chasing its tail. The enjoyment is achieving this. Do you have any other sports or interests?  Scuba diving, Motor bikes, fishing, camping, and enjoying a glass of red wine. What do you want to achieve from sho


Nicola B (34)


What do you enjoy most about shooting? Everything. Mostly that it brings out a competitiveness in me that I have no other time, and makes me proud of what I achieve.  And that I get to meet lots of like minded people when I go to the club and away to competitions.      Other sports or interests?                     


Mike Knapp 


DISCIPLINE: Free Pistol Air Pistol Standard Pistol HANDEDNESS: Right WHY DID YOU BEGIN SHOOTING? I’ve always been interested in guns and shooting since I was a small boy playing with toy guns in the garden WHEN DID YOU START SHOOTING? I had my first air pistol at about 9 years of age, then progressed through air rifles,  shotguns and .22 rifles to pistols and fullbore rifles